09:00-09:15Welcome & Introduction
09:15-10:15Invited Talk: Paul Debevec - The Relentless Pursuit of Reflection
10:15-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:30Henrik Aanæs - Current Vision and Appearance Research at Technical University of Denmark
11:30-12:00Hendrik Lensch - Appearance and 3D Reconstruction at University Tübingen
12:00-12:30Jonas Unger - Current Vision and Appearance Research at Linköping University
13:30-14:30Invited Talk: Manmohan Chandraker
14:30-15:30Technical Papers:
- A Variational Study on BRDF reconstruction in a Structured Light Scanner
- Efficient BRDF Sampling Using Projected Deviation Vector Parameterization
- Modeling the anisotropic reflectance of a surface with microstructure engineered to obtain visible contrast after rotation
15:30-15:40Conclusion & Final Remarks
15:40-16:30Networking & Coffee